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Remove the guesswork from office redesign or hybrid transformation projects with space utilization data and behavioral analysis that defines exactly how your indoor space is being used. Download our whitepaper: The Science of Indoor Space, to learn more.

Meet Johnny

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This is "Johnny." He's the InnerSpace Sensor that digitizes indoor spaces - instantly and in real-time. Using WiFi, Bluetooth, LiDAR and a variety of other technologies, when combined with our proprietary algorithms, Johnny is a powerful solution that:

  • Creates a Digital Network Across Your Building - Once he's powered up, Johnny connects with the other Johnny sensors in the room and starts understanding where they are positioned.
  • Builds 3D Maps Instantly - Johnny scans and measures the room and the objects within it. This is ideal for building operators needing to map rooms with furniture locations quickly and reflect changes instantly. 
  • Understands Positioning - Tracking signals from cell phones or tags, Johnny understands where people or things are located within a space and how they move. 

Digitizing the indoors quickly and in real-time has never been scalable - until now. We've cracked the code at InnerSpace and are building new experiences using our sensor data to give our customers an opportunity to better understand their current business, and create new revenue opportunities by building new experiences. With the data, we:

  • Presents Insights & Analytics - The real-time data from Johnny is presented by InnerSpace to understand the patterns behind the people and things in the building. Tracking how many visitors to a store, or how medical equipment is distributed in a hospital, or where the nearest forklift is in a warehouse. 
  • Deliver a Whitelabel Wayfinding Solution - This mobile solution helps the people in your space get around. Static 2D maps become a thing of the past, to deliver a modern digital navigation tool for your business. Find out how wayfinding will help hospitals save $150-billion annually.
  • Provides an Open API for Customized Experiences - The applications of our data are limitless. Whether it's wayfinding, shopping lists, equipment monitoring, employee safety, or airport security, the InnerSpace API can be used to create new products for your customers.