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Indoor Location

  • Preparing Indoor Location for Rapid Adoption

    Tech titans like Google and Apple have made significant investments in mapping and navigation. They’ve taken their expertise in location data and started applying its value to the indoors. And over the last few years a number of startups have emerged to provide insights around indoor location data - primarily in retail. All claiming to have built breakthrough solutions. But yet, indoor data isn’t ubiquitous. Adoption of indoor location to create Smart Buildings remains highly customized and consultative. 
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  • Smart Stadiums win big for sports fans

    For thousands of years, people have flocked to stadiums and arenas to see exciting live events, and in those thousands of years—virtually no major updates have been made. Whether an ancient Roman at the Colosseum or a loyal Cubs fan at Wrigley Field, the experience is more or less the same. You arrive at the venue, find your seat, then and watch the action in front of you unfold.
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  • When Sensors Outperform Beacons in Indoor Location Systems

     One of the questions we often get here at InnerSpace is why did we create our own sensor, why not use beacons? It’s a great question…
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  • So What the Heck is LiDAR?

    The InnerSpace sensor is the first of its kind in the IoT/indoor location market. It captures a massive amount of data including location, positioning, and 3D data so that we can provide businesses with traffic metrics, patterns, and predictive modelling. This data - and its fancy math - mean we can use the information to fundamentally change how buildings operate and how people work.
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