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Smart Offices

  • Return To The Office: The Timeline To Expect… And Prepare For

    We’ve previously explored why an all-or-nothing work-from-home strategy isn’t realistic for the future of work. The reasons are many: employees are fatigued, boundaries around work hours are blurred, culture is suffering, and productivity has taken a hit.
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  • It’s Up To Businesses To Take Control Of Indoor Safety

    Changing information. Indecisive governments. Unclear direction. While our modern lifestyle thrives on instant knowledge, it is taking a long time to understand how this new coronavirus threatens the way we live and work – even for those who are best equipped to give the answers. 
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  • The Dynamic Office Needs More Than People Counting

    The honeymoon phase of working from home is officially over. And despite misleading headlines touting that most companies will move to permanent virtual operations, the reality is that we’ve learned something during this pandemic. The office is a desired destination that provides opportunities for greater team cohesion, collaboration, social connection - and yes, even actual work.
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  • The Dynamic Office Shift

    The pandemic has changed how we've worked for the foreseeable future. Companies are determining how, when and why they'll return to their office space. 
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  • The Smart Approach To The Return To Work

    Just as society is opening back up in stages, InnerSpace believes the workforce will follow a phased approach too:
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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Launches inTRACK Contact Tracing

    InnerSpace Launches intrack, contact tracing to keep employees healthy & safe Location intelligence platform provides companies with always-on, private and secure solutions to keep employees safe and business running
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  • How To Make Offices Safe, Efficient and Profitable in a Post-COVID World (Part Two)

    This is the second article in a three-part series exploring what lays on the other side of COVID-19 for businesses. Click here to read part 1 
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  • It's High Time We Start to Judge Meeting Room Performance

    It’s time we all have a heart-to-heart conversation about meeting rooms. No, really. They are the piece of working in an office that never quite fits the puzzle, the headache that never quite subsides, the element whose coordination always takes longer than it should. 
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  • An Interview With InnerSpace CMO Cerys Goodall

    HOW INDOOR LOCATION TECH ENHANCES PRODUCTIVITY AND IMPROVES EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING: AN INTERVIEW WITH INNERSPACE CMO CERYS GOODALL At the start of spring this year, InnerSpace announced the close of a $3.2 million seed round led by BDC Capital’s Women in Technology Fund. 
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  • The InnerSpace Solution: A Q&A with InnerSpace CEO James Wu

    From Collision to Queens University and the upcoming DC5G, our CEO James Wu has enlightened audiences across North America about how we’re dramatically changing the way indoor space is used – and the powerful benefits it brings to companies. 
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  • Introducing The New InnerSpace Mobile App for Employees

    Anyone who’s worked in an office can attest to the fact that meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. But as it turns out, trying to find space to even hold a meeting can be wasteful on a far greater level. Client calls that go long and delay the next meeting; three people taking up a 15-seat boardroom; unannounced issues that require private space to chat – the reasons are varied and often frustrating.
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  • Flexible working – is it right for your company?

    Raj decides that today he’d like to work in the west wing of the office – it’s quieter so he can focus on a major report that’s due. Tomorrow, he plans to work near the cafe for his brainstorm session, taking advantage of the camaraderie that tends to percolate there. Later in the week, he’ll telecommute from the road while visiting clients in communities across the region.
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  • Workplace Productivity in the IoT Age

    Smart technology used inside smart buildings can eliminate wasted time and improve collaboration. But it also engages employees by providing better workplace experiences. Organizations that take productivity seriously, know smarter machines are key to unlocking greater returns from human capital. So says Michael Schrage, a prolific author on the subject of innovation and a research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business. We agree: smart technology enables people to work smarter and more efficiently. Applied in a smart building context, it gives people tools to carve out the time and space they need for their work within a busy office setting.
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  • Smart Buildings, the Internet of Things, and Human Capital

    How workplaces and workspaces are changing to meet the needs of a mobile, connected workforce.
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