Understanding Space Utilization and Key Considerations for Creating a Data Based Workspace Planning Strategy

The workplace has transformed. Have you transformed with it?

As organizations worldwide continue to adapt to changing work dynamics, the design and space management of workplaces have become more critical than ever. In order to make confident real estate decisions, businesses need innovative solutions. It's not just about streamlining costs but to also create a winning workspace where you retain and attract top talent.

Corporate real estate and space utilization data experts Kevin Sauer, Principal of Sauer Strategy Works, James Wu, Founder/CEO of InnerSpace, and Brennan Stang, Director of Client Services at InnerSpace, dig deep into the latest trends and strategies in space planning and management. From leveraging next generation data analytics to rethinking office design, the panel explores how modern organizations can navigate the complexities of today's work environments.

This webinar offers a treasure trove of insights for business leaders, HR professionals, and facilities managers looking to foster agile, responsive, and innovative workplaces. Watch as our experts unpack the challenges and opportunities in creating spaces that not only meet today’s demands but also anticipate tomorrow’s needs.