InnerSpace Workplace Intelligence ROI Calculator

There’s no question that real estate remains, well, expensive. Of all the line items impacting a business, real estate is one of the most pressing – one that companies are now doing more than ever to control.  

There is a paradigm shift happening in corporate offices around the world. Flexible work strategies and new lease structures are going to transform how people work - when and where it's most effective. As companies focus on getting employees back to the office, the demands on their real estate, facilities and workplace experience teams has never been greater. 

At InnerSpace, we fully appreciate that the implications for inefficient use of office space are many. It can be a fine balance to manage operating costs with the actual space each of your employees need. Excess space means misspent dollars; a shortage can mean frustrated, unproductive employees. 

The balance these days seems to be tipping heavily toward money wasted on little-used space. But we can change this by rethinking the workplace entirely, along with the role the office space will play.

The question each company might ask is: how?


the InnerSpace workplace intelligence ROI Calculator

InnerSpace clients use our data to understand how people use the office, to create return to work strategies and policies and measure the overall utilization of their resources. The same data drives direct-to-employee experiences including digital occupancy signage, mobile apps showcasing available resources, and automated reservation and lighting systems. 

But what is such a platform worth to your unique organization? How much money and time can it save you? 

In a few keystrokes, our ROI calculator will determine for you the potential return on investment realized through InnerSpace’s spatial intelligence platform.  

Our calculation demonstrates both the total benefit of increased employee productivity as well as potential brick-and-mortar cost savings that would flow from shaving your real estate footprint to 100 square feet per employee. 

Using the following metrics, we give you a customized estimate of the money waiting to be saved simply by using your space smarter. 

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • How much square feet of office space do you currently occupy? 
  • How much does your company pay in rent per square foot annually? 
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The InnerSpace solution

The figures generated through the calculator are based on actual cost savings realized by our clients using the InnerSpace platform. That full proprietary suite includes acess points, out-of-the-box analytics, a developer-friendly API, and a mobile app that puts this valuable information in the hands of each employee.  

This space utilization technology provides powerful insights into how an office is actually being used while pointing to changes, both minor and major, that you could enact to make better use of that expensive real estate. In a very short time, InnerSpace can dramatically alter the way employees use your workspace, book rooms, find people and resources, and manage their time. 

What you save in costs can be reinvested in a more important area, and what you save in time can instead be devoted to achieving the company mission. 

Is it time to start making your office space work for you? Don’t be passive with your real estate costs – start to understand and reign in that line item in your budget and find that elusive healthy balance for your company.