In a Post-COVID World: How Will I Know If I Am At Risk At Work?

Return To Work

A popular question as we think about going back to the office is: how will I know if someone I work with has been infected? For the executive team, the question becomes: how do I avoid shutting down my business should one of my employees become ill?

You’ve likely seen that Apple and Google are working on a phone-to-phone bluetooth based solution. But it's received quite a bit of pushback from health organizations around the world. As a business owners you should be questioning - do I want Apple and Google to be monitoring my employee’s interactions and studying their health?

The challenge with this approach is that it does not account for the ability for viruses to live on surfaces for up to 3 days which means it only captures a portion of people potentially impacted. Additionally, don't YOU want to maintain control of your company's data?

There are too many uncertainties, too many questions. So how about some answers! 

Using your existing WiFi infrastructure, you have the ability to anonymously understand where people move inside your buildings. This data is used to:

  • Measure office traffic and identify high-risk areas
  • Enforce social distancing policies
  • Inform cleaning and maintenance schedules
  • Assess and inform office design strategies

This same data can be used for contact tracing. InnerSpace is able to identify the pathway of people impacted by COVID19 without our system needing to know any of their personal information. Your organization stays in control of all data and subsequent communication. There’s no opt-in or app needed. And you have a better tool to support business continuity for the long-term. You stay in control of how your business responds.


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