Satisfaction Scores: The Next Frontier in Efficient Space

Satisfaction in any company’s product or service often boils down to one key factor: ensuring an excellent experience. Looking after all the details that lead to happy people –  while simultaneously managing deliverables and operating costs – is both tricky and critical to a company’s success. Yet knowing what and where to tweak and improve can be difficult to discern on a day-to-day basis – and relying on customer feedback alone can prolong percolating issues, or be misleading altogether.

Cue the emerging use of indoor location data. Indoor location data not only measures how many people are using a particular space or amenity, but illuminates whether or not these guests are actually satisfied during their time. Here at InnerSpace, we’ve created a Satisfaction Score that combines metrics such as visitor count, length and frequency, among others, to give our clients a  straightforward glimpse of the experience customers, employees and guests have in any particular space. 

The Satisfaction Score is a great tool for any company that wants to make changes within a building. Whether you’re in retail, food services, or facilities management, it’s not enough to simply measure the number of people visiting a space. You need to combine key metrics to provide a useful benchmark on which to measure change. 

Companies that want to change up their approach and modify their space can determine the likely impact of that change before investing in a permanent new solution. 



Reimagining the Guest Experience

One of our clients wanted to make changes to their airport lounge for VIP guests. The proposed changes would improve the food operations while reducing the overall operating costs. But these changes could not come at the cost of the overall guest satisfaction. We tailored our Satisfaction Score to their customer journeys and benchmarked their current guest satisfaction. Over a month-long period we measured a series of tests in the lounge and kept an eye on the Satisfaction Score. We not only understood the impact of these changes, but uncovered important data insights and accurately forecasted results. Our client had the proof - and confidence - that the changes they want to make are positive for their guests and overall operations.

Sometimes No Change is Good

One thing to note when using a Satisfaction Score is that in many cases a zero-value change is equally valuable to the merit of making changes within a space. If a Satisfaction Score remains the same, it often means that the people using the space remain satisfied with the services and experiences. For our clients, this often means that if they can improve service delivery, increase space utilization, and decrease overall operating costs, while maintaining the satisfaction of its customers or employees, the changes are worth pursuing.


Overall, the potential for experimentation in terms of how people use a space in order to maximize both profits and positive feedback is virtually limitless. At InnerSpace, this is an exciting proposition for our clients that makes it easier for people to see what’s happening in their space, set benchmarks, and implement and measure strategies to evolve their buildings with their business needs. All while ensuring their employees, customers and guests remain happy.