The Smart Approach To The Return To Work

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Just as society is opening back up in stages, InnerSpace believes the workforce will follow a phased approach too:



This phase, which we’re entering now, encompasses evaluation and an exploration of blended workstyles, both at home and in-person, as we gauge comfort levels and the efficacy and practicality of new safety measures. Imperative at this stage is the ability to measure occupancy and provide contact tracing. We recently launched our brand new InnerSpace inTRACK contact tracing system to do just – requiring no app to download, respecting individual privacy, and helping business leaders to direct policy and support the health and safety strategy for their organization. 

Through InnerSpace inTRACK, companies can use existing WiFi access points to: 

  • Quickly measure the impact to employees should someone be impacted by COVID-19
  • Ascertain how many people had direct contact, may have been exposed through surface transmission, and those who had no contact
  • Empower employees to check their own status to make informed choices
  • Ensure business continuity through a potential second wave and ongoing changes to public health policies




This phase likely won’t occur until 2021, so don’t rush it. This next stage will embrace additional normalcy about the office, with increasing cohorts of employees feeling more comfortable about returning in person. Companies will need to be able to assess their real estate and facilities needs with intelligent data to drive decision-making around the best use of space and to ensure physical distancing is maintained. This is where our InnerSpace inTELLO analytics dashboard informs occupancy and utilization strategies to promote efficiencies and cost-savings. (Bonus, it’s the exact same platform that drives InnerSpace inTRACK. One system, multiple benefits). 



This phase is all about business continuity should any further health crisis occur. Before it comes, companies must consider investing in technologies that will help maintain their businesses, keep doors open, and ultimately keep employees working safely.  These innovations unite security and operations with health and safety. (Hint, InnerSpace inFORCE is a great add-on to your existing WiFi strategy.)

For more on all these important developments and InnerSpace solutions, check out our five-step back to work guide.