Hybrid workforces are the future: 5 keys to success

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt future planning, especially when it comes to reopening offices and welcoming workers back into workplaces. Yet it isn’t enough to simply focus on the goal of opening the doors alone. 

In a new byline for CEO World, InnerSpace CEO James Wu details how the return to the office offers the chance “to not just recover from COVID but instead accelerate out of it.” 

That’s because the relationship between business and technology has leapt ahead several years already due to the necessity of online infrastructure for remote work -- and those who are solely trying to return to the workplace of the past are liable to be left behind. 

In his top five tips, James details how companies can position themselves for success by: 

  1. Ensuring that office space is designed with purpose
  2. Updating the real estate footprint to not only save money where it’s being spent unnecessarily, but to invest in spaces that will have meaningful uses for staff 
  3. Employing the most modern innovations in technology to support a safe and efficient use of hybrid office space
  4. Embracing a new model of performance management, including giving employees choice in how they work
  5. Implementing solutions based on transparent communication and an awareness of employee needs and mental states. 

Plenty to think about, of course, but there’s only one chance to make a first impression  when inviting employees back to the office. The pandemic presents a new opportunity to reset how to structure spaces and policies to suit a new era of hybrid work. Now it’s up to businesses to put in place the steps needed for long-term success. Be sure to read the full article for more insights.