Introducing InnerSpace

At InnerSpace, we’re on a mission to digitize the indoor world and enrich every interaction inside. For the past year, we’ve been busy building a new platform built on our network of devices for mapping indoors. Today, we're ready to share what we've been working on!

Maps, Location And The Indoors

InnerSpace solves a problem we all face. We spend 90% of our time indoors, with no digital awareness of our location once we step inside. The smartphone is the world's most pervasive computing device, yet it has failed to radically improve our experiences in the indoor world. This is the problem we're solving.

Our goal is to create the largest data set of indoor maps and location content. Every indoor experience must start with spatial awareness — the map. Our network of devices automatically and instantly create a 3-dimensional map of any space and can blanket it with highly accurate, location positioning information (think indoor GPS). By leveraging the turn-key nature of our platform, we can scale quickly to deliver on our vision of being the platform that powers every digital experience indoors.

Welcome to InnerSpace

In the near future, you will reach for your Smartphone to search for a product in a retail store, to find your physician in a hospital or to find pretty much anything indoors. InnerSpace's platform makes this possible. Follow along on our journey here.

Also check out our new video!