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  • InnerSpace at Collision Conference 2019

    This past week has been a blur! The global tech community had their eyes on Toronto as Collision marked its first year in our gorgeous city. Hosted at the Enercare Centre, the conference hosted the likes of Prime minister Justin Trudeau, Seth Rogan talking about Houseplant, Joseph Gordan-Levitt from HITRECORD, and more. Designed to be the perfect intersection between tech, investors, government, and media, Collision didn’t disappoint!  
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    We're celebrating a very exciting milestone: the closing of our seed funding. We raised $3.2M USD from some amazing investors who see our vision to make indoor location ever-present in built spaces.  BDC Capital led this investment through their Women in Tech fund. This is one of the world's largest VC funds dedicated to women-led technology companies, and it is committed to investing $200 million over the next five years. We're excited to have their support.  Check out the press release below to find out more about our funding and how we're working with Fortune 500 companies around the world. 
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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Launches Wait Times to Improve Smart Building Experiences

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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Platform is for Business Operators

    Today we introduced the full InnerSpace platform - sensors, inFINITY, and workplace solutions - designed to improve business operations. Indoor location to-date, has largely been focused on wayfinding and retail marketing, but we know the technology has bigger ambitions. 
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  • Super Session - Super Awesome - Our Incubator Journey

    Startup life is notorious for the ups, downs and curveballs. One of the best ways we've been able to remain steadfast throughout is by working with incredible incubators. Over the last two years we've worked with 500 Startups, the IBM Innovation Space, and most recently Creative Destruction Lab. 
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  • The Scalability Issue in Apple’s Airport Maps

    In December, Apple excited mobile tech enthusiasts and frequent flyers by introducing its airport navigation feature. Available for a select number of airports around the world, the solution combines maps and indoor positioning technology to show users where they are, what’s around them, and how to get where they need to go.
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  • 5 Trends for 2018 and Indoor Data

    Indoor maps and location data has never been so in-demand. In sectors as varied as retail, health care, and warehousing and logistics, decision-makers are recognizing the incredible value this information provides. Applications include wayfinding, labour optimization, asset tracking, and more.
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  • Just In: Cat Videos!

    The merits of Slack are many. Making business decisions quickly, increasing transparency, sharing information - and building your culture. One day a great discovery was made. Our CTO Matt posted a photo of his rather large cat. This quickly devolved into a cat-sharing stream and we discovered that everyone at InnerSpace is a cat person - that's right, we're bucking the dog-friendly-startup trend and making it official. We are cat people. 
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  • Meet Johnny

    This is "Johnny." He's the InnerSpace Sensor that digitizes indoor spaces - instantly and in real-time. Using WiFi, Bluetooth, LiDAR and a variety of other technologies, when combined with our proprietary algorithms, Johnny is a powerful solution that:
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  • Our Thoughts on Deloitte's Predictions for Indoor Digitization

    Deloitte recently released their 16th edition of Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors that included their predictions for indoor navigation. As a technology company focused on cracking the code that enables this market to scale, Deloitte's thoughts are a strong proof point we are on the right track.
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  • Warm Climates, Grey Matter, and Solving Global Problems

    We’re thrilled to let you know that InnerSpace has been selected by 500 Startups to join its next cohort. For the next few months we’ll be down in the Valley making new connections, exploring its grey matter, and enjoying the vitamin D.
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  • Our Top 5 Favourite Tech Innovations in CRE

    InnerSpace showcased the future of commercial real estate technology with other industry leaders during the CRETech New York symposium this past Thursday evening. Event host CRETech is a information firm committed to being the best source of emerging and innovative commercial real estate technology. Over 30 technology firms attended the event hosted at One World Trade Centre, 63 floors above beautiful New York City.
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  • Join us at the Plug and Play IoT and Health EXPO

    We are thrilled to be part of the Plug and Play IoT and Health accelerator program in Silicon Valley and welcome you to join us on June 23 for our pitch and demo at Plug and Play's Internet of Things and Health & Wellness EXPO. We will be one of nearly 40 of the most disruptive startups in Silicon Valley.
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  • 10 Technology-Driven Hard Trends Shaping 2016

    Reposted from The Huffington Post
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  • Retail spend on IoT to increase fourfold by 2020

    While there is a lot of spending on IOT technologies to help retailers build the stores of the future, the lack of a single, turn-key product prohibits any solution from scaling across a retail chain. That is why we still can not use our Smartphone to find products in a store despite the significant efforts by retailers to deliver this desired experience. We believe the platform that can deliver on that experience MUST be turn-key and have the flexibility to enable use-cases far in to the future.
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