Warm Climates, Grey Matter, and Solving Global Problems

We’re thrilled to let you know that InnerSpace has been selected by 500 Startups to join its next cohort. For the next few months we’ll be down in the Valley making new connections, exploring its grey matter, and enjoying the vitamin D.

But it’s not just the warmer climate that has us excited.

We’ve worked in the Toronto tech scene our entire careers. Like many Torontonians we enjoyed a bit of rivalry with the Valley. But it was our work with global players like Kobo where we travelled the world that shaped our decision to work with the 500 Startups crew. You see, we know that to solve big global problems you need to work with an international community.

Not only does the 500 crew give us a practical education in growth strategies and connect us to their VC network, it also lets us tap into people around the world who are experienced in our industry and who know our customers well. We know that to compete on a global stage we need to find the people with experience specific to our industry - no matter where they are.

With the first few weeks already underway, we’ve already made amazing connections with talent, investors, and potential customers who are helping us to quickly establish the future of indoor mapping solutions. Thanks to 500 Startups, GPS for the indoors is closer to reality.

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