Space Utilization 101: Planning Your Campus for Tomorrow, Today

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interview With Brennan stang, Director of Client services, Innerspace

Space utilization on campus has always been a work in progress. Institutions growing and shifting and changing is a constant, and planners and decision-makers are required to make big, expensive decisions on investments regularly. 

The pandemic, combined with shifts and technology and demographic changes have meant that some of the longer-term plans for campuses may need to be reassessed, in order to ensure an agile campus that’s able to accommodate changes to the plan while remaining a place for students to learn, and for researchers to do their best work. 

Brennan Stang, Director of Client Services for InnerSpace has spent a considerable amount of time talking to decision-makers on campus about their spaces, where they’re going and what they need to make spaces for the next generations of learners. Here are some of his key takeaways and why InnerSpace’s Wi-Fi-based spatial intelligence data is a key part of an agile campus. 

(Almost) everyone needs more space:


Across campuses, there are key benefits to gathering spatial utilization dataPeople want to avoid construction and all the headaches and costs that come with it: 


Campus planners are looking for cost savings: This can come from a reduction in utility use by understanding when and how people are using spaces: 


Campus Planning is done on a long schedule. Having access to spatial intelligence data on an ongoing basis, with a partner like InnerSpace can help validate decisions in a changing environment. 


Why InnerSpace? 

InnerSpace is next generation spatial analysis. Here’s how we’re different from our competitors. 

Coverage on campus:


Enhancing the student experience: 


InnerSpace has created a solution that meets the needs of campus planning today with:

The best spatial coverage with no costly installations and no additional WI-FI load or impacts to signal: 


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Deep care and attention to security and privacy


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