Indoorology: Using Behaviour To Guide Office Real Estate Decisions

Make more informed decisions about your real estate with Indoorology

Office real estate accounts for a large chunk of operational costs, so your space needs to be functional, inspire productivity, and adapt to future changes.

To maximize your office's real estate you must understand how people enter spaces, how different teams work, and how much time they spend in different places.

In our latest guide Indoorology: using behavior to guide office real estate decisions, InnerSpace invited industry thought leaders Andrew Lawson from Workspace Solutions and Dr. Sara Shamdani from Parable Conflict Solutions to explore the connection between data, real estate, and employee behavior to make informed decisions in the hybrid workforce. 

With this guide you caN: 

  • Learn how to access data detailing where, when, and how often people are in the office – not just how many.  
  • Consider the impact of knowing the differences in work patterns between – and even within -- employee teams in standard and hybrid workplaces.  
  • Learn what you can do with more insight into team behaviors  
  • Discover how patterns of movement can influence construction, design, layout and furniture expenses 
  • Understand how to use the Indoorology framework from InnerSpace to achieve change and alignment in your organization.