Sustainability Goals, Meet Data

InnerSpace space utilization insights can support your sustainability roadmap

Shifting your business to be more sustainable involves a lot more than wishful thinking. It requires planning, and potentially broad changes to operations and long-term goals. If you’re in a place where you’re evaluating your sustainability goals, you know they need to be attainable, measurable, and trackable.

Gathering space utilization data that provides you with data-driven insights on how your spaces are being used and identifies opportunities to boost sustainability in your space is an important part of creating a sustainability roadmap for your business.

Here are some examples of how using space utilization insights can help you meet your sustainability goals:


Space utilization and sustainability goals

Your teams are often meeting in groups on their days in the office. Space utilization insights shows key meeting rooms that are under-utilized, while others are overbooked.

Reorganizations versus growing your physical space can result in:
  • Less construction pollution and resources
  • Reduced energy consumption

Your teams are working on a hybrid schedule, with most in the office two days a week. Space utilization insights shows that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days.

 Hybrid work can result in:
  •   Less power and water used on non-peak days
  • Less CO2 from reduced commuting

Your teams are working hybrid, with the office at 30% capacity most days. Space utilization insights shows that spaces that can accommodate groups of 5-8 people are most in use.

Hybrid work and an office restack can result in:
  • A smaller office footprint, which increases sustainability across the board, and can also result in cost savings
  •   Reduced CO2 emissions from reduced commuting, and less need for parking on site 

If you’d like to connect with us about how InnerSpace’s best-in-class space utilization platform can help you plan your sustainability road map and meet your goals, we’d love to talk. Or you can watch a demo here.

How space utilization data helps with sustainability goals graphic