Press Release: InnerSpace Launches Wait Times to Improve Smart Building Experiences



Today we launched our new product Wait Times to help building operators improve their customer experiences indoors. The first of its kind to provide accurate indoor wait times, predict ideal future times to visit, and improve overall operations, InnerSpace Wait Times is based on real-time data and uses predictive analytics to help people eliminate the wait!

Unlike other solutions that calculate wait times based on GPS-dependent check-ins, historical data and best-guesses, InnerSpace presents wait times using accurate real-time information on how long the line really is. It can even tell you about multiple spaces in a single building.

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InnerSpace Launches Wait Times to Improve Smart Building Experiences

Wait Times app and API driven by artificial intelligence, predictive modelling on company’s inFINITY platform

Toronto, Canada - October 24, 2018 - InnerSpace, an IoT indoor location intelligence provider, today announced its new Smart Building solution Wait Times to improve the customer experience and optimize operations. The new web-app and API harness the company’s powerful data platform inFINITY to surface current and predicted wait times based on traffic patterns and historical knowledge of the space.

Ideally suited for corporate dining services, sports facilities, and waiting rooms, Wait Times helps to inform people about expected times to be served, while also helping operators optimize staffing and service offerings to meet customer demands.

“We know that as wait times get longer, the number of people leaving dramatically increases along with the rate at which people leave. These metrics are unique to each space and identifiable through indoor location intelligence,” James Wu, CEO, InnerSpace. “By using our Wait Times tool, business can proactively manage wait times, adjust staffing, optimize services and generate higher revenues and throughput over time. For consumers, we make it easy to text, Slack or go online to find out how busy the space is at anytime.”

InnerSpace Wait Times features include:

  • Real-time Wait Times by zone

  • Easy-to-integrate widgets for connected signage

  • Predictive features to inform customers of ideal time to visit space

  • Configurable zones and branding for each unique space

  • API for integration with third-party apps

InnerSpace Wait Times connects to the company’s indoor location intelligence platform (inFINITY) to surface current traffic metrics and predict ideal times to visit a space such as a corporate cafe. The platform leverages the proprietary InnerSpace IoT sensor to quickly capture, process, store and visualize complex indoor location data. With always-integrated location and positioning provided by monitoring electromagnetic signals from smartphones and other electronic devices, inFINITY intelligently determines how people and things behave within a building. The platform is designed to optimize operations and ultimately increase revenue.

InnerSpace’s unique platform approach makes it easy for customers to deploy indoor location by providing a fully-integrated suite of analytics, dashboards, workflow tools and APIs. The company works with organizations pursuing Smart Buildings initiatives to transform corporate cafeteria operations, janitorial services, and building management solutions.

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