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Press Release: InnerSpace Awarded Map Generation Patent


InnerSpace Awarded Patent for Automated Indoor Map Generation Capabilities

US Patent Office recognizes indoor location platform’s technology to support maps for indoor navigation

Toronto, Canada - January 14, 2020 - InnerSpace, an IoT-based indoor location intelligence platform for Smart Buildings, today announced it has been awarded a patent by the US Patent Office for its approach to generating maps for indoor navigation. The patent (#10458798B2) titled “Method for Sensing Interior Spaces to Auto-Generate a Navigational Map” protects the company’s unique approach leveraging LiDAR to create maps of indoor spaces.

“The Indoor location market is poised for dramatic growth as public and private sectors recognize its value to operations, safety, and revenue,”  said James Wu, CEO, InnerSpace. “We have systematically eliminated the barriers to implementation and scale to ensure indoor location can reach its potential. One of the ways we have done this is to tackle the need for on-demand floor plan creation to keep maps up to date as building interiors change.” 

InnerSpace is the most accurate indoor location platform available on the market today. It uses WiFi networks and/or its proprietary sensors to measure how people and things behave within an indoor space. The company makes it easy for clients in Food & Beverage Retail, Public Safety and Security, Workplace Experience, and Real Estate Operations to turn any building Smart. Clients use the InnerSpace platform which includes analytics, mobile apps, out-of-the-box integrations, and API access to drive meaningful improvements to operations and revenue. 

The patent awarded, pertains to the InnerSpace Mapping Sensor which leverages LiDAR scanning capabilities to measure distances within an indoor space and create a local point cloud model of the environment which is converted to a 2D floor plan or map. 

“One of the biggest impediments to adoption of indoor location has been the manual effort required to create maps, and keep them updated as buildings change,” continued Wu. “Leveraging InnerSpace ensures that our clients can reconfigure their spaces at any time and see those changes reflected in their maps, applications, and analytics.”




Point Cloud Data Capture from InnerSpace on Vimeo.

InnerSpace Location Mapping Sensor

InnerSpace Mapping Sensor 

About InnerSpace 

InnerSpace has created the world’s first turnkey indoor location platform that is designed to transform business operations.  The company’s location data platform inFINITY, gives clients unparalleled speed-to-value with it’s easy-to-install IoT sensors, out of the box analytics, and workflow initiation solutions. With InnerSpace, clients are able to put their two biggest assets - people and real estate - to work in new ways that dramatically improve the bottom line.   

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