We Aren't Moving Fast Enough

Imagine you could use your Smartphone to figure out where you are and search for where you want to go when you're indoors. That was the message to consumers back in 2010 when it was announced that indoor maps were arriving to our phones

5 years later stepping indoors still feels like stepping in to the 20th century - we huddle around kiosk directories for directions and use physical signage for way finding. Why? 

We aren't moving fast enough to solve the root problem - the maps.

When folks ask what we're up to at InnerSpace, we tell them we're building the world's largest data set of indoor maps and we're building technology to enable us do it faster than anyone else can. Moving fast is part of our company's DNA - we're always looking for ways to move faster, and ways to help others do the same.

Speed is not just a feature of InnerSpace - it's core to our product. We're deeply investing in creating a completely turn-key indoor location solution, capable of mapping any space in seconds, blanketing that space with location services, and delivering those services to customers through a smartphone app. 

But the real magic is our ability to create the maps in seconds.

We could have approached mapping the old fashion way like others in our space - manually creating the maps from CAD files or images, or with physical site surveys - but that simply isn't fast enough to achieve scale.

The indoor location market in North America is expected to grow from $800 million to a staggering $4.5 billion in the next 4 years. Yet the industry has mapped only a fraction of public spaces in North America over the past 4 years. These numbers just aren't adding up to a 21st century indoor location experience in our near future.

This is why we've created InnerSpace. Our mission is to digitize the indoor world.  By developing technology leveraging both hardware and software to solve the most complex problems associated with deploying indoor location systems, our business customers can focus their energy and resources on delivering amazing indoor experiences to their consumers.  

Don't forget to punch in your e-mail address and click 'Stay Informed'. We're launching in early 2016 and looking for Beta customers now.