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  • Preparing Indoor Location for Rapid Adoption

    Tech titans like Google and Apple have made significant investments in mapping and navigation. They’ve taken their expertise in location data and started applying its value to the indoors. And over the last few years a number of startups have emerged to provide insights around indoor location data - primarily in retail. All claiming to have built breakthrough solutions. But yet, indoor data isn’t ubiquitous. Adoption of indoor location to create Smart Buildings remains highly customized and consultative. 
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  • Step Inside a Smart Stadium: a Two-Week Study Unveils the Potential

    Parades through the streets of Toronto and St. Louis brought a celebratory conclusion to the NBA and NHL seasons. While millions of basketball and hockey fans watched on screens, stadiums that hosted this stretch of playoffs welcomed sell-out crowds that streamed through their gates. 
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  • InnerSpace at Collision Conference 2019

    This past week has been a blur! The global tech community had their eyes on Toronto as Collision marked its first year in our gorgeous city. Hosted at the Enercare Centre, the conference hosted the likes of Prime minister Justin Trudeau, Seth Rogan talking about Houseplant, Joseph Gordan-Levitt from HITRECORD, and more. Designed to be the perfect intersection between tech, investors, government, and media, Collision didn’t disappoint!  
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  • Smart Stadiums win big for sports fans

    For thousands of years, people have flocked to stadiums and arenas to see exciting live events, and in those thousands of years—virtually no major updates have been made. Whether an ancient Roman at the Colosseum or a loyal Cubs fan at Wrigley Field, the experience is more or less the same. You arrive at the venue, find your seat, then and watch the action in front of you unfold.
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  • When Sensors Outperform Beacons in Indoor Location Systems

     One of the questions we often get here at InnerSpace is why did we create our own sensor, why not use beacons? It’s a great question…
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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Platform is for Business Operators

    Today we introduced the full InnerSpace platform - sensors, inFINITY, and workplace solutions - designed to improve business operations. Indoor location to-date, has largely been focused on wayfinding and retail marketing, but we know the technology has bigger ambitions. 
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  • Indoor Location Technology Evolving Beyond "GPS"

    Location-based technology has played a vital role in changing the way we operate. With Google Maps and Waze, the days of people walking or driving around with paper maps are almost gone. People can travel to a foreign place or country with fewer worries about getting lost. New customers can find businesses and services anywhere in the world. Furthermore, location mapping has helped create new business models like Uber, Tinder and Pokemon Go.
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  • 5 Trends for 2018 and Indoor Data

    Indoor maps and location data has never been so in-demand. In sectors as varied as retail, health care, and warehousing and logistics, decision-makers are recognizing the incredible value this information provides. Applications include wayfinding, labour optimization, asset tracking, and more.
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  • E911 & The Z-Axis: Indoor Location Technology To the Rescue

    For those who don’t work in rescue services, it’s not always clear what to do in an emergency. But there’s one action that’s ingrained in all of us: call 911.
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  • 5 Tools We Love for Startups

    At InnerSpace, the applications for indoor mapping and location data never cease to amaze us. The last year was full of new discoveries—and opportunities. We’ve evolved, achieving a more complete understanding of our users and the value of our technology.
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  • Meet Johnny

    This is "Johnny." He's the InnerSpace Sensor that digitizes indoor spaces - instantly and in real-time. Using WiFi, Bluetooth, LiDAR and a variety of other technologies, when combined with our proprietary algorithms, Johnny is a powerful solution that:
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  • Our Thoughts on Deloitte's Predictions for Indoor Digitization

    Deloitte recently released their 16th edition of Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors that included their predictions for indoor navigation. As a technology company focused on cracking the code that enables this market to scale, Deloitte's thoughts are a strong proof point we are on the right track.
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  • We Aren't Moving Fast Enough

    Imagine you could use your Smartphone to figure out where you are and search for where you want to go when you're indoors. That was the message to consumers back in 2010 when it was announced that indoor maps were arriving to our phones. 
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  • The Unfulfilled Promise of iBeacons

    Low capital cost, low operational cost, high location accuracy. With beacon-based indoor location, you get to pick only 2.
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  • Indoor Location: Why We're Still Lost Inside

    “Indoor location technology has been around for a while. What new problem are you solving?”
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