Just In: Cat Videos!

The merits of Slack are many. Making business decisions quickly, increasing transparency, sharing information - and building your culture. One day a great discovery was made. Our CTO Matt posted a photo of his rather large cat. This quickly devolved into a cat-sharing stream and we discovered that everyone at InnerSpace is a cat person - that's right, we're bucking the dog-friendly-startup trend and making it official. We are cat people. 

When you think about the problem InnerSpace solves - being able to understand how people and things behave within a built space - our feline friends felt like a great way to celebrate a part of our internal culture, but also to communicate with prospective customers how they can use the InnerSpace platform to solve some very real pain points in their business. 

When we created the videos there were two problems to solve:

1. Our platform is the data behind the solution - we wanted to convey that our data can solve obvious pain points, but that its applications are limitless. We didn't want to be prescriptive and dictate what the solution for our customers should be, because it will be unique to every customer we work with. 

2. We work across a wide variety of verticals - commercial real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and the public sector. We also work with systems integrators who have their own client needs. We wanted to build a content series that would cast a wide net, and engage people to find out more. 

We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we did creating them!