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Anyone who’s worked in an office can attest to the fact that meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. But as it turns out, trying to find space to even hold a meeting can be wasteful on a far greater level. Client calls that go long and delay the next meeting; three people taking up a 15-seat boardroom; unannounced issues that require private space to chat – the reasons are varied and often frustrating.

Stats show that each day, the average office worker wastes up to 10% of their time looking for a places to meet. It’s not surprising when you consider that meeting rooms are usually booked 92% of the time. More startling though is that 15% of those reserved rooms are never actually used meaning employees are wasting time, not finding space that is actually available. 

Wasted time has long been a wrench in the machine of corporate America. Not only can it impact a company’s efficiency levels and bottom line, but it also creates an unfavourable experience for employees, who are rightfully protective of their valuable work hours.

Nobody wants to spend hours every week trying to locate resources, rooms – or even people. Whether an office offers flexible working options like hot-desking or has the traditional assigned-seating layout, the persistent issue of finding colleagues when you need them is a real one.  

Discoverability is an element of well-designed offices, ones that wish to shore up the foundation and make it easy for employees to find what they are looking for. 

Now, there’s an app for that.



Helping employees reclaim the work day

At least 35% of employees want an app that helps them book and locate desks and meeting rooms – and now, the InnerSpace Employee App (iOS, Android) does just that, and more. Using our indoor location data platform, the app embeds valuable information about any office space right within each employee’s smartphone, creating new opportunities for workers to make smart decisions about their workday.  

In short, it makes work life easier and more rewarding. How?

Stop the scramble

Trying to find venues for weekly meetings, impromptu brainstorm sessions, client visits or morning huddles is time wasted. Open the InnerSpace app and find available workspaces at that moment and throughout the day, week and month. Tap and reserve the right space for your needs. If no one shows to a meeting, the space is automatically released into the system for someone else to use.


Skip lines not lunch

Too often in large complexes, we hit rush hour in the cafe and either waste time in line or skip lunch altogether. Our app shows real-time lineups and traffic patterns over time, so employees can more efficiently use the cafe or other company services. 


Manage flex time

Flex workers often don’t know what their day will look like when they visit the office.The InnerSpace app enables them to select the best time and day to visit and make sure they have the space they need – particularly important when hosting meetings. But this also enables managers better plan for an influx of people.


Promote camaraderie

Workplace culture can be fractured in offices where multiple departments can make spending time with colleagues a challenge. Our app can help ensure valuable impromptu conversations aren’t missed by sending permission-based alerts if one’s project manager or collaborator or a new colleague is in the vicinity. (Employees opt-in to this feature at their own discretion.)


Empowering new employees

New or transferred employees often spend an unnecessary amount of time wandering around trying to figure out where the printer or water cooler or washroom or supply closet or conference room #2344 is located. The InnerSpace app shines a light on all of this in real-time, giving any employee a bird’s eye view of the office layout. 

For companies, this goes beyond enhanced productivity. Understanding how workspaces are realistically used over time reveals how an office design can be refreshed to work for everyone. And seeing traffic flows of employees, particularly when flexible work arrangements are in place, helps managers plan and allocate resources appropriately.

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