The Future of Work Requires More Than People Counting

As a leader and decision-maker, you're probably tired from wading through all the choices that have been in front of you for the last few years. Now, you, like many other leaders, are faced with mapping out a way forward. This likely involves making plans around hybrid work policies, and your office space, two things that are major business expenses.

It's a lot. We know. But you're up to the challenge.


The future of work is now

Understanding how your office is used and how your teams behave in it with spatial intelligence has never been easier than with InnerSpace. We've moved the industry beyond people counting with traditional installed occupancy sensors to seamless technology that is powered by resources you already have in your office, your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The data our technology provides is leagues ahead of where people counting has been, and can provide you with quick, evidence-based data that can help you make smarter decisions for your people and your teams.


Getting the right information for your big workplace decisions

With the massive changes to work over the pandemic, you might not even know what information you need to assess your office usage. More importantly, you might not know what information is available.

In the past, when a company wanted to do an assessment of how employees were using their space, sensors were installed above doors, but they were unable to account for human behavior in the office, and simply counted bodies that moved past the sensors. That would give you a bum in seat number, but beyond that? The data was lacking, and it left organizations responsible for telling a story without knowing the employees' motivations, or behaviors. Knowing that someone is in the meeting room is great, but what if they popped in because they forgot their pen? Was it a conference call? Was the meeting room actually in use?

The InnerSpace platform gives you the most accurate look at your office possible with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. It shows you patterns and real-time data that you can use to make big decisions around your office. Our platform is 5x more accurate than the traditional occupancy sensor, which is an important advantage, in a time when peoples in office patterns are more complex than ever, with hybrid and remote work.

employees utilizing office space with InnerSpace

Staying on IT's good side

All your people are an integral part of your organization, but your IT team? They're the bones and the guts, and a crucial part of everything you do. They're also often overtaxed, and adding a new task to them, especially one that's so important to the bottom line is a lot. And while they're probably up to the task, there's a better, more efficient way to do a spatial analysis of your office space.


Leverage your Wi-Fi, not your IT team

InnerSpace leverages your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, and for your IT team, the process is very hands off. Unlike other people counting solutions, InnerSpace means:

  • No additional learning
  •  No additional sourcing and implementing of another third-party vendor
  • No additional ongoing maintenance
  • No changes in wiring or additional power that could be required by installing hardware

IT gets to stay on task, while InnerSpace helps you better support them by understanding how they're using the office.

IT loves us.

A simple four step process

Graphic about the InnerSpace 4 step 24 hour easy setup

One of the best parts of working with InnerSpace is that the setup is already in progress. We can begin providing you with the data you need within twenty-four hours of our simple setup. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Identify what you want to understand

First, identify the areas of your office where you’d like to understand occupancy, people counting, traffic flow, and gain an overall employee population analysis. Then, among those employees, break it down further into specific groups (e.g. marketing, finance, HR) where you’d like to understand behavior around how, when, and where they work.

Step 2: Provide us with your floorplans

We’ll need two versions of these: one showing where all of your Wi-Fi access points are in the office, and a second to use for display in the InnerSpace inTELLO analytics portal.

Step 3: Configure Wi-Fi access points

From here, we’ll configure the system to your available Wi-Fi access points including fixed signals from Smart printers, TVs, and whiteboards, for example. All data is then sent to InnerSpace for processing.

Step 4: Start understanding your space!

You can start receiving data through inTELLO within an hour, with rich, action-worthy data beginning 24 hours after the sensors are configured.


Lead with curiosity, we'll do the rest

employee analyzing office space analytics with InnerSpace inTELLO

If you're here, you're curious about your office space. You're curious about where it fits into your medium and long-term plans as an organization. You're curious about how your teams feel about the office, but maybe even more, if those feelings connect to how the space is actually being used.

We're here to meet your curiosity with impactful data that will help you better support your teams, leverage your existing technology investments, and save you time, resources, and money with cutting edge spatial analysis technology. Ready to learn more? Let's talk #indoorology!