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  • InnerSpace Metrics: People Overview

    Data captured by our leading WiFi-based indoor location platform enables companies to take advantage of their two greatest resources: people and property. Beginning now in this series of posts, we will explore each powerful metric available through InnerSpace’s technology that business leaders can analyze and leverage to affect meaningful change.
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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Announces inFORCE PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY Solution

    InnerSpace Introduces Public Health & Safety Monitoring Solution  Indoor location platform provides municipalities with emergency response and public safety solutions on existing WiFi networks Toronto, Canada - March 30, 2019 - InnerSpace, the world’s most accurate WiFi-based indoor location intelligence platform, today announced its product capabilities to support all levels of government to analyze the patterns and movement in public spaces using existing WiFi networks. The platform is ideally suited to understand the movement of people inside public spaces and can support emergency response strategies, social distancing programs, and help Smart Cities implement effective security and public safety measures.
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  • Press Release: InnerSpace Appoints Cerys Goodall to President & COO

    InnerSpace Appoints Cerys Goodall to President & Chief Operating Officer Goodall to steward company in new markets and bolster client experience Toronto, Canada - March 30, 2019 - InnerSpace, the world’s most accurate WiFi-based indoor location intelligence platform, today announced the promotion of Cerys Goodall to the role of President & Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Goodall will support the investment strategies for the company while continuing to oversee the entire customer journey. Goodall’s responsibilities include leading sales and marketing, client delivery, professional services and data science programs as the company moves to a software-based platform and enters new markets including public safety and security. 
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  • Innovation and the 'P' Word - Part Three: PANDEMIC

    Innovation and the P word, Part III: Amidst a Pandemic In the first and second posts in this now three-part series, we looked at how InnerSpace prioritizes privacy through its technology, and the value exchange of privacy and innovation through the lens of Sidewalk Labs. Now, amidst a global pandemic, we are revisiting privacy in a time that demands heightened well-being and safety. 
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  • WiFi: Powering Today’s Smart Buildings… and Tomorrow’s Smart Cities 

    Throughout the evolution of corporate America, buildings didn’t tend to inspire much outside the ordinary. Apart from the shifting designs that reshaped cityscapes over the years, inside those buildings, the systems remained more or less the same. One decade after the next. 
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  • The Science of Managing Gates with Indoor Location

    In the lead-up to a big game or high-profile concert, city stadiums can see an influx of tens of thousands of people, often arriving en masse. For fans, picking the “wrong line” isn’t cut and dry and, as we all know, wait times have a direct link, whether positive or negative, to the fan experience. 
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  • How Indoor Location Drives Smart Building Solutions

    The number of businesses undertaking Smart Building initiatives is growing. So it’s no surprise that the Smart Buildings market is expected to hit $31.74 billion by 2022. There are a multitude of benefits - driving down utility costs, reducing unused real estate foot print, improving employee productivity, and more. We’ve only just scratched the surface.
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