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Use Cases

  • Preparing Indoor Location for Rapid Adoption

    Tech titans like Google and Apple have made significant investments in mapping and navigation. They’ve taken their expertise in location data and started applying its value to the indoors. And over the last few years a number of startups have emerged to provide insights around indoor location data - primarily in retail. All claiming to have built breakthrough solutions. But yet, indoor data isn’t ubiquitous. Adoption of indoor location to create Smart Buildings remains highly customized and consultative. 
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  • Step Inside a Smart Stadium: a Two-Week Study Unveils the Potential

    Parades through the streets of Toronto and St. Louis brought a celebratory conclusion to the NBA and NHL seasons. While millions of basketball and hockey fans watched on screens, stadiums that hosted this stretch of playoffs welcomed sell-out crowds that streamed through their gates. 
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  • Indoor Location Technology Evolving Beyond "GPS"

    Location-based technology has played a vital role in changing the way we operate. With Google Maps and Waze, the days of people walking or driving around with paper maps are almost gone. People can travel to a foreign place or country with fewer worries about getting lost. New customers can find businesses and services anywhere in the world. Furthermore, location mapping has helped create new business models like Uber, Tinder and Pokemon Go.
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  • The Scalability Issue in Apple’s Airport Maps

    In December, Apple excited mobile tech enthusiasts and frequent flyers by introducing its airport navigation feature. Available for a select number of airports around the world, the solution combines maps and indoor positioning technology to show users where they are, what’s around them, and how to get where they need to go.
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  • E911 & The Z-Axis: Indoor Location Technology To the Rescue

    For those who don’t work in rescue services, it’s not always clear what to do in an emergency. But there’s one action that’s ingrained in all of us: call 911.
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  • A Modern Way to Improve Food Services

    What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the words “campus dining?” For many, the answer is long line-ups and bland food.
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  • Mapping Offices: A New Frontier for Commercial Real Estate

    For any company, committing to an office space is a big decision. The selection and design process demands a lot from incoming tenants. Luckily, recent innovation can simplify the steps involved.
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  • 3 Ways Indoor Maps are Creating Warehouses of the Future

    The demand for warehouse space has exploded in recent years as eCommerce continues to grow. But it's not just about the space. Customer expectations have evolved, which means warehouses need to operate more efficiently and extend services that reflect the customer journey. Often, this means embracing innovation and establishing new processes quickly.
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  • Retail: The Digital Bounce Back?

    On the surface, the retail crisis seems relatively simple. The rise in eCommerce has eliminated the costly real estate, staffing, inventory and franchising issues that plagues brick-and-mortar stores. Analysts cite overstocking, a lack of brand loyalty, and declining foot traffic as the leading causes of declining in-store sales.  It isn’t a pretty picture.
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  • How Indoor Mapping Creates More Efficient, Empathetic Hospitals

    In 1998, a group of healthcare professionals stood in front of a map of the hospital where they worked. They unspooled a ball of blue yarn, and used it to trace the path that a typical cancer patient would take to receive chemotherapy.
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  • Just In: Cat Videos!

    The merits of Slack are many. Making business decisions quickly, increasing transparency, sharing information - and building your culture. One day a great discovery was made. Our CTO Matt posted a photo of his rather large cat. This quickly devolved into a cat-sharing stream and we discovered that everyone at InnerSpace is a cat person - that's right, we're bucking the dog-friendly-startup trend and making it official. We are cat people. 
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  • InnerSpace in the News: Transforming retailing with a focus on simplicity

    InnerSpace is gaining momentum to drive a fundamental shift in the way that people experience, understand, and create their indoor spaces.
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  • Our Top 5 Favourite Tech Innovations in CRE

    InnerSpace showcased the future of commercial real estate technology with other industry leaders during the CRETech New York symposium this past Thursday evening. Event host CRETech is a information firm committed to being the best source of emerging and innovative commercial real estate technology. Over 30 technology firms attended the event hosted at One World Trade Centre, 63 floors above beautiful New York City.
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  • The office of the future: the tech is already here

    The saying ‘work is something you do, rather than a place you go’ is ringing increasingly true for many of us, particularly for those who work in office-based roles in the service sector. In fact, research by the TUC based on ONS data suggests that 4.2 million of us, or 13.7% of the workforce, now regularly work from home and another 1.8 million people would like to do so given the opportunity.
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  • Saks Sees Next-Level Service As Key To Winning Luxury Retail

    Behind the black tarps that cover its entrance, construction workers with drills, hammers and paintbrushes in-hand work furiously to put the finishing touches on Saks Fifth Avenue’s first Canadian location.
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