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Smart Stadium

  • Stadiums Can Rise Post-COVID by Tapping New Technology (Part Three)

    This is the final article in a three-part series exploring what lays on the other side of COVID-19 for businesses.
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  • Digital Line Busting Makes Lineups More Tolerable

    The new rollercoaster. A book signing. The emergency department. The latest Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt release. People are willing to wait for certain experiences, products or services. And then there are lineups that are deemed simply not worth it. For most businesses, what they offer often sits in the latter camp. People don’t like to wait!
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  • The Science of Managing Gates with Indoor Location

    In the lead-up to a big game or high-profile concert, city stadiums can see an influx of tens of thousands of people, often arriving en masse. For fans, picking the “wrong line” isn’t cut and dry and, as we all know, wait times have a direct link, whether positive or negative, to the fan experience.
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  • Step Inside a Smart Stadium: a Two-Week Study Unveils the Potential

    Smart Stadiums are the digital transformation of sporting and entertainment events. We found a million ($) reasons for one client to go Smart.
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  • Smart Stadiums win big for sports fans

    For thousands of years, people have flocked to stadiums and arenas to see exciting live events, and in those thousands of years—virtually no major updates have been made. Whether an ancient Roman at the Colosseum or a loyal Cubs fan at Wrigley Field, the experience is more or less the same. You arrive at the venue, find your seat, then and watch the action in front of you unfold.
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