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Remove the guesswork from office redesign or hybrid transformation projects with space utilization data and behavioral analysis that defines exactly how your indoor space is being used. Download our whitepaper: The Science of Indoor Space, to learn more.


  • Innovation and the 'P' Word - Part Three: PANDEMIC

    Much has changed in the world since we last wrote about innovation and privacy. Thanks to COVID-19, businesses are in survival mode, governments are confronting unprecedented scenarios – and decisions that once took months to negotiate are now being executed in just days.
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  • Innovation and the 'P' word - Part Two

    In the age of innovation, with our increasingly sophisticated technological advances, the ‘P’ word – privacy – rightfully starts to enter the discourse. Indoor location itself has prompted a lot of discussion which we break down into one key topic - the exchange privacy vs value exchange.
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  • Innovation and the P word: How InnerSpace prioritizes privacy

    At InnerSpace, we built our platform on the premise of effecting positive change through the use of location data. We take strategic aim at securely capturing data with privacy at its core.
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